Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day and a Two Month Mark

Not only did Bennett have his first day of school today... (yes, I made him stand by our door with his backpack on to take a picture...hey, it's a first day of school tradition.)
(Sorry it's blurry, but doesn't he look sharp and ready to face the U?)

...but, it was also our big 2 month anniversary of being married. Neither of us really made mention of it coming up and both thought the other didn't realize it was today. I tried to surprise him by having his favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies waiting for him when he got home from school and he tried to surprise me by having flowers waiting for me when I got home from work. Turns out there really is truth to that famous saying, "great minds think alike." Who knew?

Since I haven't gotten around to putting up any wedding pictures yet, I figured today would be fitting to do so. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goodbye Summer, We Will Miss You

Last night it hit me that summer is actually ending. We all knew it would happen, you know, since it does every year, but who knew it would end so quickly? Because it hit me so abruptly, I had a little mini meltdown, complete with tears and requiring a fair amount of sympathy from Bennett. Looking back at it after a good nights sleep I can see it was a little irrational, but at the time it seemed completely justified. My reasoning for the meltdown: Bennett and I have had such a fun summer and I’m not seeing a whole lot of “fun time” available for us this upcoming semester. As always, Bennett knows exactly what to say to make me feel better and put my irrational fears at ease and although he assured me that we will make time for fun and will still be just as happy as we are now, I’m still sad to say goodbye to summer. In addition to everything else I’ve posted about- which I admit hasn’t been much- here’s what we’ve been up to the past couple of months: 

Moving into and decorating our new apartment (with the help of my mom and Andrea), which we love! 

We headed up to Bear Lake over the 4th of July for the Rasmussen family reunion. We also went back up the first week of August with Bennett’s immediate family for another round of boating. It was the first time I’ve ever been to Bear Lake, first time I’ve wake boarded, and really one of the first times I’ve done the whole boating thing, aside from those young women’s activities growing up. I never thought I was much of the boater type, but after a couple times on the lake I’ve had to reconsider. I think Bennett and I could be a boat family someday in the future. 

We said good-bye to Bennett’s brother, Tanner, who left on his mission on July 20th to the Farmington New Mexico mission. We miss having him around like crazy and anxiously await his emails every Monday morning. 

Bennett ran his first 10K with Mike! He didn't train too hard for it, but he still did so well-I was so proud! 

We went to the Ogden Rodeo to celebrate the 24th of July 

We’ve had more BBQ’s, farewells, homecomings, weddings and parties than I even thought was possible, but we’ve loved every second of them all. We even tried to go camping, failed miserably and ended up in my parents backyard. 

And of course, a million other simple things that have aided in making this summer one that causes me to cry when it’s over. How embarrassing. If worse comes to worst, I can always hold my breath for the next 3 ½ months of: 

Bennett: working 20 hours a week, 16 credit semester of intense finance classes.
Me: working 10 hours a week, 18 credit semester (last one!), driving from Bountiful to Provo and back 5 days a week. 

Good thing I have the best husband to go through it with who will always make me feel better when the stress hits. Oh, how I love him! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun Valley Family Reunion

 My very favorite part about summer is our annual Child family reunion in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Child family has been going up there every summer for 54 years and each year I leave wondering how I'll ever survive waiting an entire year before I get up there again. We always do the same things, more or less, but each year I think that it was just a little better than the year before. It just keeps getting better. This year it was so fun to have Bennett there and introduce him to my favorite place on earth. Good thing he loved it as much as I do...well almost as much.

We arrived on Monday afternoon and got together for FHE that night. We were split into four different teams and even got matching hats.

We played a ton of different "minute to win it" games. Watching my dad put a nylon on his head and run around trying to knock soda cans down with the baseball in the toe of them was my favorite one to watch. 

We stayed at a condo that had to have been owned by a 90-something year old man who hadn't redecorated since the late 60's/early 70's. We found more treasures there than we had ever dreamed of, including little boys red undies in a drawer, a legitimate Russian hat, and a 16 inch statue of Michaelangleo's The David. We decided to make a game out The David that went something like this:

One couple started with the David in their room at night.
The Object: Get rid of the David and don't be the one to end up with it in your room at 6:00 am.

The Rules:

  1. If you were caught putting the David in someone's room at night, you had to try again in a different room. 
  2. The David must be elevated in the person's room that you put it in. 
  3. Whoever ends up with the David at 6:00 am must carry the said statue around in public for one hour. 

For a complete run down of how the game went check out my sisters blog here.
To entice you to read it, I'll just say that one morning Bennett and I woke up around 5:30 to Ethan climbing the emergency ladder outside our bedroom window with the David in toe yelling "You cheated, mom!"  This is the best picture I could get...

Bennett and I with the David at the family party. At one point someone fashioned a diaper of sorts around David out of pink streamers. I thought it was a nice touch. 

Tuesday day we went to the Sun Valley Golf course and played a round of Putt-Putt.

Like most years, I was lucky enough to have my birthday in Sun Valley. 21 years old! Woot woot!
It was so fun being able to celebrate it with all of my favorite people. 

We had our annual cherry pit spitting contest and Megan and Beth were in the top of the women's division as always, but this year Allie took second! Way to represent. 

On Thursday we had our girl cousin lunch while the guys all hit the golf course.

We headed up to Red Fish Lake on Thursday afternoon. It was possibly the most freezing body of water I have ever been in. At first the boys were the only ones brave enough to enter, but they somehow convinced Andrea and I to join in. We lasted about 15 minutes before I hit the bathrooms and changed back into my sweatshirt. It sure was fun while it lasted though...kind of. 

On our last night we all went to one of the best Italian restaurants this side of of the Mississippi. It was the perfect way to end the trip. 

I'm already counting down the days until next year!