Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Heart NYC

After our wedding, Bennett and I went to New York City for our honeymoon. Thanks to his dad we were able to stay in an apartment right on Wall Street. It was the perfect location and place to stay. We took the red eye flight to New York on Thursday night/Friday morning, depending on how you want to look at it. Because of that we got 4 hours of crappy airplane sleep that night. We got to New York early in the morning and hit the road running. 


We took a cab from the airport to the apartment and our cab driver became an ongoing joke throughout the trip. Oh, who am I kidding, we still joke about him. He was a classic New Yorker who was far to invested in Rihannah and Chris Brown’s relationship. We finally (after two hours!) got to the apartment, dropped our stuff off and grabbed some breakfast at a nearby deli. Afterwards we walked around Wall Street and hopped on the Statin Island Ferry to ride past the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, because we only got 4 hours of bad sleep the night before, we both crashed as soon as we sat down and missed seeing the statue. We got off at Statin Island and found a little park where we sat down and once again fell asleep for a half an hour. We got back on the ferry to take us back, and before it took off we were asleep again. We woke up to two German ladies laughing at us. What can I say? We were pooped. 

Later that night we freshened up and headed over to Times Square. We walked around for a little bit and then went to see the Broadway show, The Lion King. It was spectacular and we loved every second of it! 


Saturday morning we had scheduled an appointment to go to the Manhattan Temple. I’m not sure what happened to the alarm, but we woke up at 11:00 the next morning, sleeping completely through our 8:00 session and then some. We were so disappointed we weren’t able to go. Hopefully thats one of those situations where it’s the thought that counts. 
That afternoon we headed over to the Bronx to go to a Yankees game. The stadium was huge and so fun to go watch! 

After the game we made our way to China town to do a little shopping. We ended up in Little Italy and found these restaurants, “Benito One and Benito Two.” We were so proud to have two restaurants named after him. 

We ended up eating at a cute restaurant outside while a band serenaded us.

Later we got some delicious gelato and spent the rest of the evening walking around SoHo.

Sunday morning we went to church near our apartment and then made our over to Ground Zero. 

We then went to Central Park and spent the afternoon lounging on the Great Lawn and reading our books. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon in New York City. We loved it! 

That night we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. It gave us a beautiful view of the city and we loved it. 

We made it to the other side just as the sun was setting. It was breathtaking. We were so excited to get some New York pizza at the famous Grimmaldi’s Pizza just where we got off. We walked into the restaurant and asked them if the huge line outside was for them, to which we got a tough New Yorker with his arms crossed simply tell us, “Yeah, yeah it is.” We walked back out and saw that the line would be at least a two hour wait. We were starving and I don’t think there would be any chance of us surviving the wait so we decided to go elsewhere for dinner. Unfortunately, Grimmaldi’s is just about the only restaurant that side of the Brooklyn Bridge, so our only other option was to get a mediocre quesadilla from Buzzito’s Quesadilla Cart. Yes, it was as lame as it sounds, but it has given us so much to laugh about since we ate there two weeks ago.

Monday morning we had planned to go to the MET, however when we got there we found out that it is closed on Mondays, so we made our way across Central Park to the Natural History Museum. Now we just need to watch Night at the Museum.

A few months ago, when we first decided to go to New York, Bennett sent in a request to go to a David Letterman taping. We never heard back from them, so we just assumed we didn’t get the tickets. Until the day of our wedding. We got a phone call from John telling us that if we could answer a trivia question we could get some tickets. We played phone tag with him and eventually got a hold of him on Friday. We answered the trivia question and were looking at two 4th row tickets to David Letterman. It was so much fun to see how it all worked and be a part of the audience. We got to see Shia LeBeouf, Henry Winkler and Bert the Conquerer. We even had our parents tape it and if you watch it in slow motion and pause it, you can see us when it scans the audience. 

Since we didn’t get our pizza at Grimmaldi’s we figured we’d give it another shot at a pizza place next door to David Letterman. We were so disappointed when a very less than mediocre pizza came out. And don’t even get us started about the service. 

Tuesday morning we headed over to Greenwich Village to walk around the cute neighborhoods. We stopped at Magnolias Bakery to grab a delicious cupcake and then headed back to the apartment, packed up and took a taxi back to the airport.

We had a connecting flight in Las Vegas and due to some technical difficulties in New York had to sprint from one gate to the other in order to make our second flight. Luckily we made it to the gate, Home Alone style, just before they closed the doors and were able to make it home that night. 
It was such a fun trip and one we will always remember.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Welcome to our new blog!! Between honeymooning in New York, trying to move into our new apartment, hosting visitors from Bennett's mission, celebrating the 4th of July in Bear Lake, getting ready to send Bennett's brother, Tanner, on his mission in two weeks, and working full time, we have had a busy past couple of weeks. I finally decided to take a much needed break from unpacking boxes and created a new little blog for us.

Our wedding was spectacular! It was absolutely perfect, thanks to my mom's hard work, and everything I've ever dreamed of. Unfortunately, it will be another couple of weeks before we get our pictures back, so in the mean time I figured I'd post a few of our favorite pictures from our bridals/groomals, which were taken what seems like forever ago:

Pictures and stories of our trip to NYC and what we've been doing for the past couple of weeks coming soon!