Monday, May 21, 2012

Sleeping Habits

I stumbled upon this picture a few days back. Remember that old phrase that nobody uses anymore: LOL? Well lets go back to our junior high days when "LOLing" was in it's prime, because that's just what I did when I saw this picture...I laughed right out loud.

Okay, now that our reminiscing about MSN Instant Messenger is over, jump back into the present. Why did I laugh so hard, you may be wondering? If Bennett hadn't also laughed out loud when I showed it to him, I would have been convinced that he had created the witty little diagram due to the fact that it has our sleeping habits identified down to the t.

The fact that I hear the words, "Stace, can you scoot over just a tiny bit? I'm falling off the bed." groggily mumbled at least once a night, proves to me that this picture might as well have been taken of our bedroom. 

I feel bad about it, I do. Sometimes I even try to reverse this by pulling both of our pillows into or near the "uncharted territory" to give Bennett a little more room. But to no avail. Every night is spent in a situations identical to this diagram. 

Poor Bennett knew from the very beginning that his nights of peaceful beauty sleep were being thrown out the window by marrying me when, on our honeymoon, I somehow woke up with my feet on my pillow and my head at the end of the bed. I reached for him, felt what appeared to be empty space, and began screaming out his name while shaking his feet because in my dream-like state I was convinced that he had been kidnapped. He had to spend the next 20 minutes calming me down and coaxing me back to sleep. Talk about true love. Ever since that night, he's fully understood that a restful and undisturbed night of sleep was a thing of the past. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, I always end up pushing him off the bed, stealing all the covers, or wake him up multiple times during the night by laughing, crying, screaming, or talking in my sleep. 

And the truly amazing thing...he wakes up every morning loving me even more that he did the day before.